Secret musicians business
for corporates

Explore Keynote

‚ÄčInvolving, enjoyable and enlightening

  • Emotional risk management 
  • How musicians do it
  • Everything is a performance
  • Singing atitude adjustment
  • Secret musician's business
  • 20-40mins
The Performance Dynamics Workshop

Upskilling for teams and leaders based on unique  performance dynamics

  • 4-6 weeks x 90min workshop
  • 6-10 team members, hands on
  • Building leader confidence
  • Personal Vocal authority
  • Weekly Projects
  • Team dynamics and leading
  • Emotional risk management
  • Special musician's techniques
  • Team support and trust
  • Completion pack with certificate
Explore Your Voice Ultimate Product Package 

EYV Challenge + EYV Song Factory

The Explore Your Voice Challenge is our flagship team building activity available for all corporates and large organisations. 

It is a completely inclusive, emotionally supportive and exciting way for team members to explore their inner performer within a unique musical framework.

For teams wanting to take the ultimate plunge nothing comes close the Explore Your Voice Song Factory.

EYV Song Factory is a highly creative, team endeavour. The objective is to write fresh lyrics to an existing hit song and sing it as a team, recorded and produced by Explore Your Voice. We will teach them how musicians allocate resources, manage egos, expectations and emotional risk. The result will be high quality and able to be used as a promotional piece of music for the team and company.

The Explore Your Voice Song Factory is both a lyric writing session and a recording session in one.  After your team has first completed the EYV Challenge they will be able to focus their efforts on creating a unique recording in a professional portable recording studio with a world class producer and vocal coachs assisting.

Recording a song where everyone has a role and is responsible for the outcome will be one of the most challenging and enjoyable experience the participants will ever undertake.

The Explore Your Voice Challenge and Explore Your Voice Song Factory are designed to work together. The Challenge brings your team together on a common mission and teaches them how to step forward and lead, how to generate and rely upon the support of their team.

Then the Song Factory guides them through the unique process of producing a quality recording they can be proud of. This is definitely a team building project they they will remember. They get to participate in every step ensuring the result is 100%  a product of their own abilities and efforts.

All Explore Your Voice products are designed drawing upon the professional experiences of world class musicians. producers, teachers, songwriters, vocal coaches and record producers.

These skills are what we refer to as 'Secret Musician's Business for Corporates'.
Top musicians develop skills that are extremely real time, dynamic, collaborative, highly adaptive, relationship building, and fundamentally confidence based.

It is our belief that teaching this amazing skillset provides an essential asset to business teams and leaders and is quickly becoming a highly desirable performance enhancement for all teams and their leaders. Let's talk about what Secret Musicians Business can do for your teams.