Secret musician's business for corporates

The Explore Your Voice Challenge

creating your unique voice...

An entertaining 60 minute live experience 

for your teams and leaders

There are many types of risks in business - Competitive, Operational, Legal, Reputational, Stategic and more.  What is not commonly understood is the most important risk of all to the individual team member - Emotional Risk

Emotional Risk is the personal risk of failure. It's central to the idea that individuals need to feel secure within their group and peers before they will take the personal risk of stepping forward to lead.

Most world class musicians are experts in emotional risk management. It's not something that we necessarily think about much of the time.  It's a more subliminal process, but it is essential to master it for top level performance.

We developed the Explore Your Voice™ Challenge as a way for teams to explore the parameters of emotional risk by exploring their own voices. We are at our most exposed when we are expressing ourselves vocally and verbally. Our interface with others is primarily through our voice.  The EYV Challenge show introduces teams to the importance of vocal authority,

During the challenge, groups are tasked with producing and recording a cooperative musical piece where they will have to pool their skills and rely on each other in order to succeed. Participants quickly realise how much power they can have in their voice to change not only their own, but the hearts and minds of others.

  • Ideal for all large organisations looking for a unique learning activity 

  • Specifically developed for seminars, conferences, training programs and in-house development days.

Guided by a team of world class vocal coaches, musicians and studio producers, participants experience how to quickly adapt to engender an emotionally safe work environment for team members to help overcome the essentially challenging requirement of creating a complete musical performance with their team in 1 hour. 

Teams will be introduced to the skills of managing emotional risk and the role that risk plays in team support and the realization of personal courage. They will need to negotiate their roles and manage the expectations of themselves and their team mates. This is based on the high performance skills used in the music profession.

Explore Your Voice™ Challenge increases:

  • Expressiveness and individual courage within teams
  • Confidence and trust to come forward
  • Vocal Authority and how to command
  •  Real time decision making under pressure
  • Team dynamics and fluidity
  • Initiative and adaptability in challenging situations
  • Overall sense of achievement and importantly the belief that a natural fear can be overcome

The Explore Your Voice Challenge is a very hands on team exercise and a rewarding journey of discovery. Contact us now to find out how your company can take on the Challenge.