Secret musicians business
for corporates

*News* - We have just returned home to Australia from Paris having performed 5 Explore Your Voice Challenge shows at the Women's Forum Global Meeting at the Louvre. It was a wonderful experience and we felt honored to receive such an outstanding reception. With around 2000 delegates from more than 70 countries it was truly an international forum of the highest quality. We look forward to returning to Europe in the late summer to conduct more Challenges and workshops.

Paris Explore Your Voice

The Explore Your Voice Challenge

"A uniquely immersive and emotionally powerful performance event.
Truly a life changing experience for all participants."

Everything is a performance.  Don't believe us?  Ok, try delivering your next report to a room full of people in a flat, emotionless, monotone voice without moving a muscle. (You may even know people who do this already).

Every time you speak in front of your collegues, any time you deliver a report to attendees at a conference or just a routine talk to your team, you are performing.

Understand this and you are on your way to thinking differently about yourself and your capabilities. How you get into the heads of your audience and have them transfixed by your message is to think of every interaction with a group as a performance - like you are on stage.

Everything is a performance and during the Explore Your Voice Challenge we will show you why you need to think that way with your teams.

The Explore Your Voice Challenge was created by world class musicians in order to teach a very special skill set to business teams. Musicians communicate with their audiences, command and hold their attention like nobody else. 

This is what we call - 

Secret Musician's Business For Corporates

Teams are leader incubators

You will never feel effective stepping out front without first gaining the confidence and support of your team. Musicians have an entire lexicon of team supporting and confidence building protocols that enable incredibly high performance. Without that we would be nothing. Nobody would know our music and nobody would care.

Great musicians have perfected how to get the most from their voices, learned how to control emotional risk, feed and maintain their self confidence independantly of their surroundings and employ techniques we call stagecraft.

The ability to enthral the listener and to win hearts and minds is central to being a top musician. It is this mastery of performance that allows special things to happen with their audience. 

"It turns out that this can be

taught to everyone. 

It feels like a kind of super power when you introduce it to teams"

explore your voice team image

One of the best team leadership events we have experienced at EY.  The ’Explore Your Voice Challenge’ is a unique , highly engaging program that had our teams excited to venture out of their comfort zone and emotionally fulfilled with the final result. A tremendously rewarding and enlightening experience for my team."

Ruth Picker

EY, Asia-Pacific Risk management Leader. Area Executive. Ernst & Young

To understand the dynamics of performance in a business environment first you need to get a feel for a type of risk that all musicians and performers are intimately aware of - Emotional Risk.

There are many types of risks in business - Competitive, Operational, Legal, Reputational, Stategic and more.  What is not commonly understood is that emotional risk applies directly and consistently to each individual team member.

Emotional Risk is the personal risk of public failure. It can take many forms and it's central to the idea that individuals need to feel secure within their group and peers before they will take the personal risk of stepping forward to lead.

Most world class musicians are experts in emotional risk management. It's not something that we necessarily think about much of the time.  It's a more subliminal process, but it is essential to master it for top level performance.

Among other things, we developed the Explore Your Voice™ Challenge as a way for teams to explore the parameters of emotional risk by exploring their own voices.

We are at our most exposed when we are expressing ourselves personally and verbally. Our priority interface with others is through our voice.  The EYV Challenge show introduces teams to the importance of vocal authority, managing their emotional risk,  generating team support and introducing new ideas on the fly.

What happens during the Explore Your Voice Challenge?

During the challenge, participants get involved in a very hands on way. We use the human voice as a way of tapping in to the emotional centre of each person during the Challenge. What starts out as insecurity, trepidation and even fear quickly turns to joy and even euphoria as each person makes a fundamental connection with others in the room. Music, and more specifically, singing has a unique power to reset our brains. Many well documented effects are created in us when we sing due to changes in brain chemistry. In performance, musicians rely on these effects to build rapport with an audience and take them on a journey.

This experience of the EYV Challenge becomes a revelation for many.  The context is always within a group setting and so a fundamental lesson is quickly illustrated. The most powerful leaders are those that the group trusts implicitly and essentially creates itself. They are sometimes not even the most  technically skilled on the team but they are highly adept at building trust and nurturing opportunities for others to excel with them. This is how great musicians work.

Participants quickly realise how much power they can have in their voice to change not only their own, but the hearts and minds of others.

  • Ideal for all large organisations looking for a unique learning activity 

  • Specifically developed event for seminars, conferences, training programs and in-house development days.

Guided by a team of world class vocal coaches, musicians and studio producers, participants experience how to quickly adapt to engender an emotionally safe work environment for team members to help overcome the essentially challenging requirement of creating a complete musical performance with their team in 1 hour. (Can be longer if required)

Explore Your Voice™ Challenge increases:

  • Expressiveness and individual courage within teams
  • Allows individuals to become leaders with courage
  • Confidence and trust to come forward
  • Vocal Authority and how to command
  •  Real time decision making under pressure
  • Team dynamics and fluidity
  • Initiative and adaptability in challenging situations
  • Overall sense of achievement and importantly the belief that a natural fear can be overcome

The Explore Your Voice Challenge is a very hands on group event for all organisations, highly educational and a rewarding journey of discovery. Contact us now to find out how your company can take on the Challenge.