Explore Your singing voice

Recording Experience - Solo or Duo

A true bucket list music experience for those with a desire to let their creative side have its way. ‚Äč

Go solo or do it with a friend. This is where you get to shine.

We guide you through preparing your voice with singing lessons, selecting a song that you really want to perform culminating in a full recording session with a top record producer and singing coach. Truly a life-affirming experience. 

As an alternative, you can share this experience with a friend. It can be a lot of fun splitting up the vocal parts for two people and creating a duet. It's up to you.

Here's what will happen.

First, you will start off with two singing lessons. (If you select the duo version then it will be both of you at the same time).

These will include a vocal assessment where Katie Slaney will determine exactly what sort of voice you have, your strengths and areas needing work and then what sort of songs you like to sing. Additional singing lessons are available at extra charge if needed. 

You will work with Katie on the very enjoyable process of creating your own unique performance, building your confidence and exploring that individual sound you have in your voice.

When you are ready, we will book a recording session with Michael Oliphant at the Explore Your Voice Studio in Brighton. Set in luxurious beachside surroundings this studio is a wonderful relaxing place to work on recording your song. All the latest recording gear is available and you will be amazed at how great your voice can sound when you are beautifully recorded, coached and produced.


Working with Kate and Michael in the studio was a fantastic experience...

They made me feel very comfortable as it was my first time recording and they really put my nerves at ease. The result was way beyond what I expected. I was kind blown away actually. I wouldn't hesitate to record with them again as it was a fun day!

Rachael Low //  Designer

What you will get

Each Recording Experience package contains

  • Full vocal assessment
  • 2 x Singing lessons
  • A 2 hour studio recording session
  • Vocal coaching in the studio session
  • Guidance  from a top record producer
  • Full song accompaniment played for you
  • Final mix down and mastering
  • Mp3 (CD available is required)

This is all about you

We want this to be an amazing experience for you. You are guided through the entire process by experts who make sure you are ready to record something you can be proud of. You can always have extra singing lessons if needed. The point is that this is a safe space for you to explore and create. 

Prices starting at $495 - Book your Studio Experience Package Now