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Recording Experience - For Business

In business it's critical to be able to operate efficiently and effectively when performing core functions. You should be at ease with making decisions and dealing with all the day to day variance of your job.

What happens when you get out of your comfort zone?  Typically you start to struggle to make decisions because things start to become unfamiliar, your context is lost and your experience sometimes can't assist directly.

A highly effective way to improve decision making performance in team environments is to practise by using experiences that are extremely unfamiliar.  One of the more common challenges of decision making is lacking confidence in your experience . This can lead to hesitation about the outcome. 


Music is ideal for this. When it comes to fear factor in decision making, few things compare to the stress of singing in front of others and needing to make decisions as part of a team when creating a musical recording. This is especially effective  when the participants have little experience in the field.

Designed for company teams of a minimum of  4 persons this is our most popular collaborative, business focused  Experience. Nothing builds team cohesion and tactical awareness like having to make decisions when you are completely out of your comfort zone. The idea is for groups to work together guided by a vocal coach and a studio producer to create their own finished recording. 

Your team will be tasked with conceiving and executing a co-operative musical venture where they will have to pool their skills and rely on each other in order to succeed. They will also need to engender an emotionally safe work environment for themselves to overcome the essentially challenging moment of singing in front of others. When completed participants will have an overall high sense of achievement and satisfaction with a confidence that they overcome a natural fear.

The Recording Experience Workgroup session can be held in your workplace or at the Explore Your Voice Studio (in Brighton). Participants will be guided through the entire experience by Katie Slaney, renowned singing teacher and Michael Oliphant, top studio producer, engineer and musician.

Workgroup sessions usually take around 90 -100 minutes and with usually 4-6 participants. We can work either with cover songs chosen by the team or we can set one of our preprepared musical projects.

Either way, this The Explore Your Voice Recording Experience will be  a memorable and productive one.

Isn't it time to do something different?