The Explore Your Voice Challenge

To find your unique voice...

This is an entertaining 60 minute live experience we bring to you

for your teams and leaders

We developed the Explore Your Voice™ Challenge as an opportunity for individuals within a group to experience using their own unique voice in unfamiliar ways and to learn how to use it most effectively.

During the challenge, groups are tasked with producing and recording a cooperative musical piece where they will have to pool their skills and rely on each other in order to succeed. People quickly realise how much power they can have in their voice to change not only their own, but the hearts and minds of others.

  • Ideal for all large organisations looking for a unique learning activity 

  • Specifically developed for seminars, conferences, training programs and in-house development days.

Guided by a world class vocal coach and a studio producer, participants quickly adapt to engender an emotionally safe work environment for themselves to help overcome the essentially challenging requirement of singing with others. They will need to negotiate their roles and manage the expectations of themselves and their team mates. This is strongly analogous to working in teams and leadership in general.   Find out more

Explore Your Voice™ Challenge increases:

  • Expressiveness
  • Confidence and trust
  • Vocal Authority
  •  Collective decision making
  • Effective leadership
  • Initiative and adaptability in challenging situations
  • Overall sense of achievement and importantly the belief that a natural fear can be overcome

The Explore Your Voice Challenge is a very hands on team exercise and a rewarding journey of discovery. Contact us now to find out how your company can take on the Challenge.  Find out more