Explore Your singing voice

The Personal Recording Experience - Solo or Duo

A true bucket list music experience for those with a desire to let their creative side have its way.

Go solo or do it with a friend.

Here's where you get to shine.

‚ÄčWe guide you through preparing your voice with singing lessons, selecting a song that you really want to perform culminating in a full recording session with a top record producer and singing coach. Truly a life-affirming experience. Learn more

The Recording Experience - For Business

Designed for a minimum of  4 persons this is our most popular collaborative, business focused  Experience. Nothing builds team cohesion and tactical awareness like having to make decisions when you are completely out of your comfort zone. The idea is for groups to work together on a project guided by a vocal coach and a studio producer. The goal is to create a finished recording where they make all the decisions and participate in the creation of the actual musical parts and singing.  Learn more